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Tresna has the expertise to support our Patented Technology、Application Technology、Traceability System and Quality Assurance System to ensure the highest Quality and Precision Measuring Instruments for you.


Patented Technology

At present Tresna is the owner of thirty-eight (38) patents, including:

  • Three (3) Invention Patents
  • Thirty (30) Utility Model Patents
  • Five (5) Design Patents

As well as having recorded another fourteen (14) Patent Applications. Our digital tools Capacitive Technology has reached international synchronization, and the leading domestic level. The Waterproof Digital Caliper technology has reached stages of international advanced level.


Application Technologies

Tresna manufactures digital measuring tools by using the skills of Capacitive Sensors systems and introduces its core part --Capacitive Sensor. The company is conducting research to develop a better new Capacitive Sensor. Through much optimization of the capacitive sensor performance, the company overcame some difficulties which were encountered to use this new optimization on skillfully producing a better main product. The new Capacitive Sensor received a higher grade than the original.

Tresna’s Digital Measuring Instruments are produced with the highest technology available. In addition to the high precision sensor technology, the other technology applied is digital technology. To this end we have imported three measuring machines; tool-set for pre-manufacturing technology, manufacturing technology of digital micrometers and indicators along with some used equipment for production. In addition, we have also mastered the National Advanced Micrometer error of 1 μ m, micrometer technology for multifunctional simulated digital meters, which is the basic technology of developing the slap-up measuring instruments.


Product Testing Standards

Digital Calipers?GB/T 14899-94
Waterproof Digital Calipers :Q/GGSC 01-2004
Dial Calipers?GB/T 6317-93
Vernier Calipers?GB/T 1214.2-1996 JB/T 8370-1996
Digital Depth Gauges:JB 5068-91
Digital Outside Micrometers?JB 6079-92
Digital Indicators?GB/T 18761-2002
Digital Height Gauges?JB 5069-91


Traceability Systems

Tresna has an effective traceability standard system which maintains and ensures the quality of various measuring instruments used by personal client is held to the national standard, which in turn makes it more secure for our customers to use Tresna’s high quality measuring instruments


Quality Assurance Systems

Tresna, in establishing strict quality administration and quality control systems, has acquired IS0-9001 ISO-14001, ISO-10012 and is CE certified.