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What is A Digital Caliper?

A digital caliper is one kind of precision measuring instruments, and it is used for mechanical processing measure and mechanical maintenance measure.

It can take outside measurement, inside measurement, depth measurement and height measurement for range of 100mm or above.

The construction materials of it is stainless steel or carbon steel.

Its common specifications are:
(1) 75mm/3" digital caliper
(2) 100mm/4" digital caliper
(3) 150mm/6" digital caliper
(4) 200mm/8" digital caliper
(5) 300mm/12" digital caliper

The best digital calipers have these features:
* Large and clear LCD readout.
* Power on/off.
* Zero-setting at any position.
* mm/inch conversion.
* Data output. (Connect with computer)
* Resolution : 0.01mm/.0005"