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The design and manufacturing features vernier calipers

A typical vernier caliper consists of a stationary bar and a movable vernier slide assembly. The stationary rule is a graduated bar with a fixed measuring jaw.

The vernier slide assembly combines a movable jaw, vernier plate, clamp screws, and adjusting nut. It moves as a unit along the graduations of the bar to bring both jaws in contact with the work piece.

  • All vernier calipers contain the same basic parts whether they are inch or metric reading. Larger verniers which have a single set of jaws used for both O. D. and I. D. measurements, have a scale for outside measurement on one side of the bar and a scale for inside measurement on the other.

    The basic parts are:
    •The frame is L-shaped .The long portion is the bar and the short portion is the fixed jaw.
    •The bar contains the main scale and is graduated with outside measurements on one edge and inside on the other.
    •The movable jaw consists of a vernier scale for either inch or metric measurement .
    •Clamp screws lock the movable jaw.
    •An adjustment nut is used for fine adjustments.
    Some vernier calipers are available in both inch and metric graduations , with an inch scale on one edge and a metric scale on the other,