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Measuring Features of Dial and Electronic Height Gages

We use dial and electronic readouts on height gages for the same reason we use them on cornier calipers.
The dial height gage, available in English and SI, has heights up to 600mm (24 in.). As with dial calipers, the height gage dial reads to 20 Чm (0.001in.) and has a range of 0.100 in. It also has an repeatability of 12Чm (0.005in.).
The electronic height gage is even more precise. It reads to 0.0001 in.(10Чm ) and claims repeatability of ±0.0001 inch. (10Чm ). You should note that accuracy is omitted from the specifications for these instruments because electronic amplification means that there is theoretically no limit to their precision . However, precision does not ensure accuracy, and, when you try to make readings beyond the capability of the instrument, your results are meaningless.