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Description of a Solar Caliper

In fact , we don't need to work out doors because the solar powered digital caliper can do this for us. Direct sunlight can finally damage the solar battery, so do bear in mind that keep it in the shade if you're working out of doors. Regular indoor lighting will be sufficient. The solar calipers have two advantages: no batteries are needed and there's no battery cover to lose.

0-6" (0-150 mm) range with .0005" resolution and ± .001" accuracy

0-8" range with .0005" resolution

0-4" range with .0005" resolution

0-6" (0-150 mm) range with .0005" resolution and ± .001" accuracy

You needn’t to continually zero-set the calipers. The zero point will be remembered even if the calipers are left in your tool box for months on end.
Remember handle them carefully to avoid damaging them as well as yourself for the tips of the measuring blades are very sharp. Besides, don't use any engraving tools to mark these as your own. The electro engraver will destroy the electronics, and marking the scale will destroy everything.
The solar batteries are located under the clear cover. Don't apply excessive pressure on this cover to ensure that the cells don't get damaged. There are no batteries in this caliper. They funcion directly from the source of light.
These digital calipers have all the advantages of regular digital calipers including easy switching between inch and metric readings.
?Measuring system: inch and metric
?Resolution: .0005" (0.01 mm)
?Accuracy: ± .001" (± 0.02 mm) per 6"
?Repeatability: .0005" (0.01 mm)
?Maximum response speed: unlimited
?Operating temperatures: 0°C to 40°C
?Power supply: solar cells
?Minimum illumination required: 60 lx
?Country of manufacture: Japan
?Hard plastic storage case